SOUNDTRACKS and LIVE ELECTRONICS for Choreographer Crystal Sepulveda, MFA
Salton Sea

4×4 (2015). 8” electronic soundtrack. World premiere @ Concurso De Coreografia 4×4 TJ Nights, Tijuana Mexico.

Tracking Device (2014). 10″ electronic soundtrack. World premiere @ BlakTina 2 Dance Festival, Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

[De/Re]centering (2013). 7.30″ electronic soundtrack. World premiere @                            The Congress on Research in Dance Conference, UC Riverside Culver Center.

(en)counter[balance (2012). Excerpts from a 50″ structured improvisation for dancer and live electronics. Premiered @ UC Riverside’s Experimental Dance Studio.

Experiment One (2010). 4-point ambisonics, live electronics, Javanese gong, video, human body. Premiered @ UC Riverside Performance Lab 166.


Tick-Tock  (2011)

A videodance developed inside of a site specific installation as part of a CARL Residency in association with the Barbara and Art Culver Center for the Arts.

Tick-Tock Culver-1

Frame from performance installation, Tick-tock. Materials: Video, human body, chairs, live electronic soundtrack. Chair arrangement, choreography and movement by Crystal Sepulveda, MFA. Live sound and video editing by J no.e Parker.

Two separate performances of a structured improvisation between Parker and choreographer, Crystal Sepulveda are layered to reveal slight differences between iterations. The minimal soundtrack consists mainly of the ticking sound of a clock located in the duo’s rehearsal space that Parker layers and processes differently for each iteration of the live performance.

Live Performance documentation   ( 0:00-4:27)

Emerging IIlusions (2008)


Video, 3-dimensional screen, clothing, music and choreography by J no.e Parker. Premiere @ San Francisco’s DNA Lounge.

Emerging Illusions J

Featuring dancers Joni Campbell, Allan Tollefson, and Joe Aroni.

LIVE ELECTRONIC SOUNDTRACK for Choreographer Zubin Mohamad

TRANSiTORY: HanuMAN (2011) Premiered @ the UCR Culver Center of the Arts.


SOUNDTRACKS and MEDIA DESIGN for Choreographer Rehane Abrahams

  • Inana (2009). Media design for solo performance @ Gaya Fusion of the Senses, Ubud, Bali.

Animations/Media Design by J. no.e Parker. Artwork by Anasetan.

A 60-minute dance/theater soundtrack integrating naturally occurring soundscape and electronic music. World premiere at the 6th Ubud Reader’s and Writer’s Festival, Bali, RI.

Selected tracks on Soundcloud: Tatania’s Lul-a-bye//Oberon Wakes Tatania

  • Gaya M16 softly (2006) 

For butoh, improvised electronics and gamelan instruments   with members of the Gayam 16 Gamelan Community. Premiered @ the Gamelan Across Nations Festival, Yogyakarta, Java, RI.

Available on the CD “Gamelan Plesetan” (2007).




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